We are passionate about what we do

Our core business is the supply and branding of corporate gifts, corporate clothing, banners and gazebo's - which we deliver country-wide.

  • We are registered as resellers with various trusted importers of promotional products and corporate clothing. These suppliers have the staff, the equipment and the expertise to brand all products which they supply.  That frees us up to look after our clients without getting bogged down in production issues.
  • We are registered resellers  for various local manufacturers through whom we supply branded banners, flags and gazebos to meet all budgets



  • We specialise in corporate gifts, promotional items, corporate clothing, banners and gazebo's.  This is our core business, not just an "add-on" to an existing business
  • We believe our customer is "King"
  • We offer solutions to the branding needs of our customers
  • We offer suggestions and alternatives to ensure our customers get value for money
  • Our suppliers and importers are carefully chosen to ensure that we supply only great quality products
  • We are constantly expanding our supplier network so that we can continue to satisfy the varied and ever-changing needs of our customers



We do not entertain returns or exchange of products - unless it can be proven that the goods were damaged by us or our suppliers either whilst stored in the warehouse or during branding. Strict quality control testing is done on all our products (by our suppliers) before despatch, but errors do creep in from time to time. Damaged goods will be replaced at no cost to our customers.  We do not emntertain cash refunds for damaged goods.

For branded orders - we are unable to replace any branded orders where the branding is incorrect, once the branding layout has been approved.


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